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Art Supplies for Everyone

Part of the FUHAHA Mission is to encourage e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e to get creative.

One of the biggest reasons people don't create is because they think they need special tools or expensive art supplies. Bull shit! Right now: where are you? What do you see around you? How could you use that to create something? Make something RIGHT NOW, goddammit!!! Here's some help:

Are you sitting on the couch?

  • Grab whatever is in the room and stack or arrange the items into a sculpture. You just made an assemblage.

Are you outside?

  • Nature is an endless sources of art supplies (check out Andy Goldsworthy- he will blow your mind). Gather things like leaves, rocks, acorns, trash. Arrange, wrap, or break, the materials to make an image. Could be a face, a symmetrical design, whatever!

Are you in an office?

  • There are SO MANY things you can use in an office, no excuses. Pens, post-its, markers, highlighters, scrap paper, paper clips, rubber bands, cardboard boxes... I could go on. Side note: businesses throw away SO MUCH SHIT!!! It's insane. Look at what your employer throws out and use that trash!

At the end of the day, simply USE WHAT YOU HAVE.

Paperclip People by Jeff Pyatt

Jeff Pyatt makes the most incredible and hilarious stories with his Paperclip People. I forced him to give a presentation to my art classes about his creations (they loved it). Jeff's day job in working at a bank, and he's probably one of those people who say, "I'm not an artist." He's just plain wrong about that!


Cool! I love art! I want to make MORE!

If you want to spend some money on supplies, here are my suggestions for easily accessible and cheap materials:

  • Wal-Mart: spray paint, card stock, crayola coloring tools, adhesives (hot glue, cement glue, all tapes), sharpies, exacto knives/blades, acrylic paint, paint pens, modeling clay, craft supplies. I know it's kind of bad to feed a giant corporation that treats their employees like dirt, but sometimes it's all you got. For people who live way out in the country, it can be your only option. (been there!)

  • Menards: great for tools and painting supplies (and to avoid the Walmart crowd)

  • Blick: classic art supplies, but there are a lot of reasonable deals. Blick brand acrylic is a nice mid-range paint.

  • There's always the internet! Search craigslist, facebook marketplace, free groups, or teacher groups. Karen is over her crafting phase- nab that shit for hella cheap!

Use What's Around You

(Did I mention this already?...)

What do you have? What do you throw away? Can you use materials from your place of work? Local business? ASK! The worst thing is someone says, "no." Home renovation sites- ask for old materials for building. Create posts on social media. Make it a project! What can I make with something free on craigslist??...

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