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  • How do I become an FUHAHA member?
    Are you currently living on planet earth? Then you’re a member of FUHAHA! As long as you have a sense of humor, good intentions, and a hard work ethic - you’re in! FUHAHA is a way of life that anyone can adopt. Share our story, share your story, and keep the FUHAHA community growing!
  • Do I need to be an "artist" to be part of FUHAHA?"
    First off, everyone is an artist; this is not up for debate. Art is a skill that can be learned so quit saying, “I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.” We can teach you. Secondly, while FUHAHA is a place for creativity and artistic collaboration, all types of making and learning are welcome. Woodworking, welding, cooking, research, science, spirituality, life hacks, memes, car repairs- just about anything!
  • I love your art and wa Int a special custom piece. How do we start the process?
    Let's talk! Each commission piece is different so we will need as much information about your project as possible. Please visit our commission page and be prepared with the following: Project Outline/Inspiration Size Materials Time frame
  • I want to do a brand collab! Who do I contact?
    Caitlin McCall, Ringleader of the Misfits -
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